Quick Turnaround for 3×1 in NYC

AUTHOR: Chris Thornton  /  March 1, 2017

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Part One of our fashion series introduced Chris Thornton and his team as they prepared for a month of fashion projects. Here’s an update from Chris on Derse’s work for 3×1 in SoHo.

Last month, 3×1, makers of premium custom denim for men and women, and longtime client of Derse, called me with a need: They were in the midst of moving their wholesale showroom in SoHo, NYC, and they needed 12 racks and nine tables custom designed, built, shipped and installed in three weeks.

3×1 gave us a set of inspirational photographs for high-end custom sales and work tables, along with product display hang rails. They weren’t asking for just any run-of-the-mill furniture. 3×1 wanted the furniture quality you’d see in a five-star hotel or multimillion-dollar home. It would have taken at least a month – and a small fortune – if they purchased from a well-known furniture store.

But Derse makes it happen.

3x1 - Derse

3x1 - Derse

Derse not only designed, but we custom built and installed all items in under three weeks. Our production team produced tables with one-inch square metal legs, thick solid oak tops and matching hang rails. 3×1 loved the outcome so much that they asked us to produce a set for their trade show exhibit at Coterie so their customers can see the consistency.

Efficient? Yes.
High-Quality? Always.
Service? Impeccable.

That’s how we know our job is done.

3x1 - Derse

3x1 - Derse

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