Rental Exhibits: Moen at CES 2017

AUTHOR: Derse  /  April 25, 2017

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So far on the Derse blog, we’ve talked about how purchasing a trade show exhibit can be like purchasing a house and we weighed the factors that go into deciding when a rental exhibit might be right for you. In each instance, we brought up a variable that is all too precious in the trade show world: Time.

Typically, exhibitors have their trade show schedule locked down far in advance for the year, especially if they go to the same shows annually. This was the case for Moen – until they were ready to launch their newest WiFi/cloud-based digital showering system, U by Moen shower.

With a strong identity in their current industry as the #1 faucet brand in North America, they only planned to exhibit at design and construction trade shows. However, we felt CES would be a strong fit to showcase Moen’s game-changing product.

Derse helped Moen secure a spot at CES, but by that time, the show only had a 10×20 footprint available. That meant Moen couldn’t repurpose their 60×90 booth, nor did they have the time to design and produce a new exhibit.

Using rental systems, Derse created a selling environment that was smart, seamless and powerful. Contrary to common rental myths, the exhibit was fully-customized to Moen’s brand. Most importantly, attendees could test how U by Moen shower connected to the cloud, synced with personal devices, and controlled faucets and shower heads.

Download our latest case study, Expand Your Reach With Rental Exhibits: Moen at CES 2017, to find out more about the benefits of rental systems.

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