Seven Tips for a Seamless Lead Capture

AUTHOR: Derse  /  May 16, 2017

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It’s show time. You know that collecting lead data is crucial to your success and you have your lead capture tool in the palm of your hand. But do you and your team know what to do with that tool? Are you confident in asking the lead qualification questions – or even know what they are? What is the best time to scan a badge or how do you gracefully walk away from a conversation? Practice is the key to an effective lead capture.

Your booth engagement shouldn’t be a scan-and-go customer experience. This is your chance to be face to face with your customers, and the rapport you build with leads can leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re training your staff or scanning a lead yourself, follow these Lead Qualification Tips and Tactics for a seamless lead capture.

  1. Review the survey. Familiarize yourself with each survey question. Run through the survey a few times before the show and make mental notes of key points to hit during your booth interactions.
  2. Practice scanning. Do a few test scans before the show. Ensure that each member of your team is familiar with using the tool and which barcode to scan. Knowing the basic features of the tool will make your engagements smoother.
  3. Know when to scan attendees. As a best practice, start the conversation with an icebreaker, pre-qualify the lead’s interest, and then disengage or ask to scan the attendee’s badge. After scanning the badge, you can naturally continue the conversation. Roleplay conversation transitions with your fellow exhibit staff.
  4. Find your go-to- icebreaker. Having a repeatable icebreaker that fits your personality can make the conversation flow smoothly with attendees. Start by greeting the attendee or asking if they are interested in your products.
  5. Use the survey as a guide, not a script. Work the survey questions into your conversation instead of reading them verbatim. Hit on the critical questions as you talk and then fill in the survey responses after disengaging. Remember, it’s better to have a natural conversation than it is to worry about answering every single question.
  6. Know how to disengage. Time is of the essence, and you want to spend it with qualified leads. If you’re conversing with someone who is not a qualified lead, you’ll want to disengage as soon as possible. Have a disengagement script ready such as, “Thank you for stopping by. If you would like more information, please visit our website.” Then exit and move on to the next attendee.
  7. Set lead goals. Your lead goals can influence your booth interactions. If you’re looking for quality over quantity, then you’d want your team to spend the time to answer every qualification question instead of just focusing on hitting a set number of leads.

By practicing these seven things, you can avoid false starts and fumbling with your lead capture tool. Instead, you’ll benefit from natural, more robust engagements in a short amount of time.

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