Simple Tips for Tackling Trade Shows With Ease

AUTHOR: Derse  /  December 22, 2017

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Face-to-face marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, but no one said it was easy. When it comes to trade show preparation — possibly the most intensive period of your entire work year — it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Where do you begin? How do you make the most of the event? How can you tell whether the event was a success?

At Derse, events are one of our specialties. And a recent article from the American Marketing Association got us thinking. While events require a lot of planning, we believe a few philosophies can help simplify your mindset so you can focus on what really matters when it comes to your next event.

  1. Make a list and check it more than twice — Like the fable of the ant and the grasshopper preaches, planning makes perfect. Put in the work ahead of time and you’ll see it pay off. Make a list. Make two lists. Plan, plan, plan. Put down all your planning on paper, then streamline it. The entire event may seem insurmountable, but take it one task at a time and move onto the next. Be efficient in how you spend your time. Organize lists by deadline, priority, department, or key deliverables to ensure that the most important information is easy to access.
  2. Make it personalUnderstanding your audience in advance helps; just make sure you put it to use and make a connection. With consistent research at all your trade shows, you’ll benefit from an in-depth, historical understanding of how to engage your audience at the next one.  Between all the booths and big crowds, trade show attendees will have sensory overload. How do you cut through that noise? Genuine connection. A little flash or showmanship to attract attention helps, but what sticks with people is how you connected and helped them achieve their trade show goals. If you use this philosophy to guide your trade show exhibit, you’ll come out with real leads.
  3. Don’t be a stranger — Events are just the beginning when it comes to taking customer relationships to the next level. Once the face-to-face contact has been made, as with any relationship, you must put time into it. Evaluate your leads during the show or immediately post-show to identify the quality leads. Set a specific deadline to follow up on these leads to ensure you capitalize on your trade show’s recent success.

With these principles to guide you and focus your efforts, you’ll be able to take each event step-by-step and come out with the type of lasting connection only face-to-face marketing can deliver.

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