Six Ways to Engage a Pan-Generational Audience

AUTHOR: Derse  /  January 3, 2017

CATEGORY: IndustryStrategy

We are at an interesting point in our current economic climate where consumers, decision-makers and individuals with household purchasing power are multi-generational. Although this provides brands with the opportunity to establish a greater market share in their industry through the sheer number of potential consumers, it also hampers their ability to use a single strategy in face-to-face marketing. From the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials (and future generations), companies should be prepared to engage with members of each one. In their recent summer edition, Facilities & Destinations Magazine outlines six ways to reach and engage a multi-generational audience:

1. Develop effective messaging and visual identity
2. Communicate through a variety of channels
3. Create an experience that delivers value to all attendees
4. Stay relevant
5. Be topical and developmental
6. Create shareable content

Since each generation consumes information differently – millennials are highly-visual and tend to use digital platforms whereas older generations want rich, print content – Facilities & Destinations’s strategies are useful in pulling together an event that engages all age groups equally. Developing content that your target audiences will find value from and providing insight that addresses challenges in their specific fields and interests makes your event essential to individuals of any age.

At Derse, we understand that marketing toward a pan-generational segment may prove challenging at times – but it can help to remain true to your brand and, ultimately, your values. Ensuring the information you put out is consumable in a variety of ways – yet consistent in nature – can strengthen your brand and reputation, while engaging such a diverse demographic of attendees. Additionally, using social media to promote or reach out to attendees may seem inherently geared toward younger generations, however more and more older generations are signing up to platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to stay connected with their social circles. Next time your brand is assessing your current method to engaging a diverse demographic at a trade show, make sure to align your marketing efforts with key internal stakeholders and produce a strategy that will address a common theme or challenge applicable to your target audiences.

Creating a unified and coherent message that runs throughout an event is not the only way brands can target multiple generations at once though. Many are now opting to incorporate experiential marketing into their marketing strategy. By activating consumer participation in advertisements and in the culture of a company, brands are able to create connections with and engage their target audiences in different age groups. Getting consumers excited about you or your product is a key opening to beginning the purchasing path for all ages.

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