The Association of Briefing Program Managers comes to Milwaukee

AUTHOR: Derse  /  October 16, 2018

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Chances are, if you have an Executive Briefing Center it’s for a reason.

An executive briefing is a highly customized and customer-centric dialogue.  It usually takes place between decision-makers from high-potential clients or accounts and subject matter experts from your company. The conversation is meant to build a deeper understanding of your customers’ business and needs. Where these conversations take place matter, and that’s where executive briefing centers and their supporting programs come in.

In fact, there’s an entire association dedicated to the professional community of Briefing Programs and it’s particularly close to home for us this year. ABPM, The Association of Briefing Program Managers, is a global professional community that advances Briefing Programs, and Derse is proud to be one of its 600 members.

Derse’s looking forward to the 2018 ABPM Fall Workshop happening right here in our hometown of Milwaukee, WI. Not only is it a great opportunity to connect with other Briefing Program professionals but a couple of our talented designers, Russ Fowler, Vice President of Marketing Environments, and Pete Riddell, Executive Creative Director, get to share insights on How the Center Represents the Brand.

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