Trade Show Budgets: What We Mean By “Funding Improvement”

AUTHOR: Derse  /  June 1, 2017

CATEGORY: ExhibitsProductionStrategy

According to the CEIR, 75% of marketers’ face-to-face budget is used toward details that the audience never even sees. We believe your investment should be spent the other way around.

Face-to-face is the most effective form of marketing because it draws on the power of human-to-human connection. Focus the majority of your spend on the things that bring your customers into your story and your brand to life. After all, that’s where your program will pay dividends.

At Derse, we call this approach Funding Improvement – and we believe this level of thinking should be commonplace. Any exhibit house can build, store and manage exhibit and event programs, but that’s a limited view of what a face-to-face marketing partner can really do for you. Derse thinks beyond one moment in time and cares about how we can improve your entire business’ bottom line.

We’ll find efficiencies in things like transportation or drayage so you can apply your savings toward the moments your audience will remember, like striking architecture or an immersive engagement. Whether your budget is increasing, flat or declining, we believe you deserve to put your best foot forward when you meet your customers in person.

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