The Value Publishers See in Experiential Marketing

AUTHOR: Derse  /  November 17, 2017

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They say those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. A recent Digiday article delves into how this tried-and-true saying applies to publishers like The New York Times focusing heavily on the power of experiences — not just what customers see on their phones, but what they see in person.

The value of connecting with a brand’s core audience through events and experiences is also seen in marketing budgets. The article mentioned that 90 percent of the CMOs surveyed would be increasing budgets for experiences and events.

Just as the publishing industry was forced to adapt to the advent of the internet, face-to-face marketing needs to stay ahead of current trends in order to remain relevant and impactful.

Increase ROI, satisfaction, and loyalty. Immersive experiences and environments break past limitations of traditional marketing, including the ability to accurately measure the impact of your marketing campaign. Experiential has been shown to improve ROI over traditional marketing as well as build stronger customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Be there or be square. Between Photoshop and photo effects, you can take a picture of yourself anywhere. That’s why good face-to-face marketing is essential. It can’t be faked or duplicated. It’s authentic; it’s real.

Whether it is a briefing center or a trade show exhibit, a marketing environment can create a “home court” advantage by being tailored to a brand’s target audience. The goal goes beyond deeper engagement by customers for environments and events, but to provide tangible data and insights on how they perceive and interact with brands.

Experiential marketing isn’t just about not being left in the dust when the market changes. It’s about a new kind of customer that craves a more meaningful, personal, real experience. Just as publishers have realized, that’s an evolution of marketing that deserves some serious consideration.

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