Are You Ready for the Virtual Reality Future of Marketing?

AUTHOR: Derse  /  December 18, 2017

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Ever thought about how easy a car might be to sell if a customer could just drive it? Or how simple it might be to interest people in a vacation if they could experience just one of the sights they’d see on the trip? Free samples are effective, but the window of opportunity is small. People need to visit a dealership for a test drive or visit a winery to sample a new vintage. That’s why virtual reality is set to change the game. Virtual reality brings the driver’s seat to the customer.

With all the speculation about when the virtual reality revolution will arrive and how it will affect marketing, we can’t help but be curious and excited. The idea of a marketing experience on the moon was previously just the stuff of science fiction. With VR, it can soon be reality. But how will VR, set to enter all corners of marketing, affect face-to-face marketing? We believe it has incredible capacity to amplify connection by delivering the effectiveness of face-to-face marketing in a new medium.

With the “anything is possible” mindset, virtual reality makes your exhibit an incredibly engaging marketing experience. But there are logistics to sort out. Does the virtual reality element fit your space? What equipment do you need? How do you get the equipment to the location? One thing you don’t have to worry about – VR equipment is consistent across the board and, in some cases, already exists in the homes of your audience. Potentially reducing costs and allowing you to deliver highly engaging exhibits with greater ease. VR allows your brand to go beyond the constraints of a convention center, so no booth – or experience – is limited by its floor space.

The same concept applies to both event marketing and marketing environments. Using VR to reach out to attendees in their own homes or offices can significantly affect your face-to-face approach. VR has the potential to increase event attendance by bypassing actual travel. Imagine attending a trade show and getting all the connection of in-person experience from the comfort of home! It also has the ability to bring your permanent environment right to their front door. Your space is infinitely modifiable — if you can dream it, and pay to program it, it can be reality.

Like all new technology, the opportunity of VR is appealing. But like all marketing, it requires not only an innovative strategy but also flawless execution to convert that opportunity into meaningful human connection. Derse is your brand’s partner in planning and executing immersive exhibits and experiences that harness the latest technology, such as VR, to deliver true results.

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