What Is Your Housing and Registration System?

AUTHOR: Derse  /  December 11, 2017


As an event manager, we know you’re already juggling 101 moving parts to execute the perfect event – and that doesn’t even include the individual guests and attendees you’re aiming to please. While you’re managing calls with vendors and doing site inspections, you’re also tracking attendee RSVPs, booking hotel rooms and enrolling them in their workshop sessions.

There are different event management software programs that can automate some of these steps, but many come with hefty licensing fees. You’d also need the time to implement, train and administer the tool. In the end, you may be paying for overhead costs and “bells and whistles” features you never even use. We can help lift the weight from you.

Derse’s Housing & Registration system is powerful, intuitive and customizable to your face-to-face marketing program. We manage all the moving parts that a software would. The difference is, we streamline overhead costs so you can benefit from flexible pricing. Because we’re powered by EventsAir, clients have access to all the features of our license bundle, but only pay for the services you use. We make initial setup of their branded site a breeze and have a dedicated staff to execute your ongoing needs. That means quick turnaround and cost-savings for you.

The events industry is not for the faint of heart. We know you can handle it – but why should you when there’s a faster, easier and cost-effective way? In the end, all those moving parts don’t matter unless your guests and attendees feel like they had a seamless experience. Give it to them with Derse Housing & Registration. Request a demo at insights.derse.com/housingandregistration.

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