What We Mean by “Complete Face-to-Face Marketing”

AUTHOR: Derse  /  September 29, 2017


Any exhibit house can build, store and manage exhibit and event programs, but that’s a limited view of what a face-to-face marketing partner can really do for you. Our experiential, architectural, multimedia, and strategic professionals think beyond one moment in time, and instead, plan a long-term face-to-face marketing strategy to improve your bottom line.

You’ll often see us use the phrase “complete face-to-face marketing” because Derse is not “just a supplier.” Rather, we’re a complete provider of value-based face-to-face marketing services intended to drive connections with your audience and maximize your investment.

How do we do this?

Our People

Derse is built on diverse talent, from carpenters, designers, analysts, to salespeople. For every project, these roles converge to design creative solutions which are then crafted by our production team. We do all this in-house so you can trust the team working on your project is close to your brand through every evolution. When it comes to show time, we “never say die” and we’re on-site to make sure every detail is carried out (or to put out any fires before they get to you).

Our Resources

Nationwide, Derse has six full-service divisions with close to 720,000 square feet of space for design, construction, service, and warehousing. We have 24-foot high ceilings for property and equipment staging, double-deck construction, attached warehouses, and multiple loading docks to streamline shipping and receiving. In addition, our production team strikes the balance of using green-conscious materials and high-tech digital solutions to execute custom exhibit designs. All of this promotes low-cost operations to offer you cost-savings and efficiency in how we handle every detail of your program.

Our Partners

Derse manages over 50 global proprietary partners across five continents. They each have project management teams dedicated to Derse clients and their own local fabrication, graphic production, AV, furniture rental, and storage capabilities to service your business. We can service markets in even the most remote cities because of our membership with OSPI (Octanorm Service Partners International), a worldwide network of contractors and suppliers that have met or exceeded the high service and quality standards set by the German company, Octanorm.

At Derse, we never want our clients wanting more. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to do it all. We’re not in this for quick projects (even though we’re equipped for them). We’re in this for the relationships and the long-term reward of knowing we were able to transform our clients’ expectations of face-to-face marketing.

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BIO:Derse is a complete face-to-face marketing agency and exhibit builder with more than 450 employees and six full-service divisions. Ranked as a Top 10 Experiential/Event Marketing Agency by Advertising Age and B2B Top Shop by Chief Marketer, Derse brings a smarter wins approach to exhibits, events and environments for client programs in more than 50 countries.