AUTHOR: Derse  /  March 28, 2017

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We believe in a hands-on approach to connecting with our customers. To CRAFT face-to-face marketing solutions that make their lives easier, their brands resonate, and the conversations they have with their customers drive action that leads to sales.

This was the center of our 2017 campaign for EXHIBITORLIVE.

Upon entering our exhibit, attendees would see a tree hanging above our community table. The tree was a metaphor for how we craft solutions for our customers.

  • The trunk represents Execution – it’s sturdy, and required for growth.
  • The branches represent Engagement – they extend, reach out and give you something to grab.
  • The fruits are the Results of our labor – the ultimate culmination of success.



The best solutions are crafted when we are hands-on and involved. But it starts with listening. For our engagement, we asked attendees “If you could Craft your face-to-face program from scratch, what would you change?”

With each conversation and each meaningful exchange, our tree grew and sprouted leaves.

We had three different wooden leaves to symbolize Execution, Engagement or Results. We asked each attendee to attach the leaf that resonated with their position. Here is a collective of the solutions your peers care about:

Execution 33%, Engagement 37%, and Results 30%

Derse listens. We’ve made this point before, and we still mean it. We back it up by offering the right capabilities that can solve your problems. No matter which category you fall into ­– or maybe you can relate to all three – we’re here to help hone your craft.

See some of the solutions we’ve delivered to our customers at Derse.com/Insights.




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BIO:Derse is a complete face-to-face marketing agency and exhibit builder with more than 450 employees and six full-service divisions. Ranked as a Top 10 Experiential/Event Marketing Agency by Advertising Age and B2B Top Shop by Chief Marketer, Derse brings a smarter wins approach to exhibits, events and environments for client programs in more than 50 countries.