Balancing Education with Entertainment In Your Trade Show Booth

Derse | January 30, 2024

Attention is a finite resource that attendees bring to a trade show. They're willing to spend it but demand a return worthy of their spending.


Trade show attendees are looking to learn, but they want to be immersed in what they’re learning. Waste their attention with dull content or pointless gimmicks, and you'll see diminishing returns on engagement and business development.


When deciding between an exhibit strategy that either entertains or educates, many people assume the decision lies in whether you want a fun or boring exhibit. The right balance between educating and entertaining your audience isn’t as black and white, but it’s important to align the decision with your overarching business objectives. Here's what you need to consider to effectively establish equilibrium between an entertaining and educational trade show booth experience.

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Educate Wisely

Education is essential for consumer engagement. It not only informs but also helps your target audience make well-rounded decisions which are likely to be in favor of your product or service. But remember, time is limited. Use focused, interactive modules that convey your message succinctly. Short video clips or quick demos can answer important questions while keeping your audience engaged. We’ve helped clients create hands-on demos that not only give their audience confidence in their products’ performance, but also demonstrate how their products outrank their competitors’ products.

derse customer experience exhibit engagement

Entertain Intelligently

Entertainment isn't about distraction but about creating a more immersive experience. A well-placed VR experience, a live demo, or even a simple interactive quiz can entertain and deepen the consumer's understanding of your product. The trick to balancing entertainment with education is to intertwine educational content within entertaining formats. Choosing the right format for education, whether it’s digital or analog, can make an educational moment a captivating experience. When we helped Clarios plan their first exhibit at CES, we created an interactive game to immerse their audience in Clarios’ impact and products.

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Align with Business Goals

Every element of your trade show exhibit, be it educational or entertaining, should serve your business goals. Are you looking to launch a new product, increase brand awareness, or identify quality leads? Tailor your content and experience accordingly. Use engagement metrics to measure how well you're attracting and holding attention as well as meeting your business objectives.

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