Ohyama Lights at LIGHTFAIR – Case Study


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Design is more than meets the eye. It performs best when it considers all the variables that make a face-to-face marketing program successful – from target research, choreography, materials, to labor. Even the smallest detail can make or break audience perception or meeting your budget.

Ohyama Lights is an efficient LED technology and lighting solutions provider. They had been exhibiting with a booth they inherited from their sister company.
It was clunky and massive – a traditional heavyweight. This case study details how Derse helped Ohyama Lights with a new exhibit that cut the weight and let their products shine.

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BIO:Derse is the complete face-to-face marketing agency and exhibit builder with more than 465 employees and six full-service divisions. Ranked as a Top 10 Experiential/Event Marketing Agency by Advertising Age and B2B Top Shop by Chief Marketer, Derse brings a smarter wins approach to exhibits, events and environments for client programs in more than 50 countries.