Regeneron selected as a “Stand Out Exhibitor” at ATS 2017

AUTHOR: Derse  /  July 14, 2017

CATEGORY: Exhibits

Congratulations to our client, Regeneron, for being selected as one of ATS 2017’s Stand Out Exhibitors.

Regeneron is a leading science and technology company delivering life-transforming medicines for serious diseases. They know how complex their solutions can be, so when they exhibit at a show, they want an attention-grabbing and easy-to-understand engagement to make the most of the short time they have with their customers.

For their presence at ATS 2017, the largest conference for pulmonary, critical care and sleep in the U.S., Regeneron wanted to emphasize their solutions for Type 2 Asthma. We collaborated with Regeneron and their brand agency Havas, to add a new element to their existing design – a giant lung sculpture at the center of their exhibit. It was a “show stopper,” but more important, it kept attendees wanting more. ATS took notice too.

This year, ATS provided new exhibitors with a complimentary E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation. While conducting the evaluations, the expert evaluator looked for exhibits throughout the show that displayed imaginative, creative, and effective ideas and practices. Here’s what the ATS judges had to say about Regeneron:

Unique Graphics and Show Stopper Display

“This larger than life clear lung display was a real show stopper. It forced attendees to look…quickly let them know there was something more to learn about Type 2 Asthma – and used well placed backlit call to action arrow signs to encourage attendees to explore the display.”

Outstanding Visitor Education Experience

“Another incredible visitor educational experience! The large clear lung centerpiece display demanded attention and pulled attendees into the exhibit. Flanking the centerpiece display with large information kiosks that smartly combined top tier imagery, quick read static messaging, and interactive touchscreens in an open and comfortable setting made for an engaging and informative educational experience.”

Gamification – Interactive Demo with A/V

“Medical professionals enjoy having their knowledge challenged through a fun, quick and interactive gaming experience. Linking tablets to a large screen allowed multiple attendees to test their knowledge in a competitive style. Placing a leaderboard was a smart strategy to help bring attendees back to see how they scored versus the rest of the game participants.”

From graphics, educational experience and gamification, we hope marketers can look at this as an example of how to make their exhibits more effective.

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